New Tracks from Concerti Sacri

by Magnificat/Musica Omnia - The Cozzolani Project

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Sixteen of the tracks on Magnificat's Concerti Sacri have been available digitally for over a year, while nine tracks are available now for the first time. For those who have purchased the digital recording without the new tracks, or for those who would like to hear only the new tracks they are available independently at this link. As always those pre-ordering the CD will receive the digital tracks in advance of the release of the CD.

Warren Stewart, artistic director

Elizabeth Anker, alto
Meg Bragle, mezzo-soprano
Hugh Davies, bass
John Dornenburg, violone
Jennifer Ellis Kampani, soprano
Ruth Escher, soprano
Andrea Fullington, soprano
Laura Heimes, soprano
Suzanne Jubenville, alto
Jennifer Lane, alto
Linda Liebschutz, alto
Deborah Rentz-Moore, alto
David Tayler, theorbo
Hanneke van Proosdij, organ
Catherine Webster, soprano

Peter Watchorn, producer
Joel Gordon, engineer


released April 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Magnificat/Musica Omnia - The Cozzolani Project San Francisco


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Track Name: O Maria, tu dulcis
Texts & English Translation

O Maria, tu dulcis, tu pia, tu Clemens, tu dulcis, tu pia, tu mater Dei, O Maria.

Tu vera infirmorum salus, tu vera peccatorum refugium, O Maria, tu vera afflictorum consolatrix, O Maria, tu vera spes omnium fidelium, O Maria.

O Maria, tu sponsa, tu virgo, tu mater, tu Spiritus Sancti sacrarium, O Maria, O advocata nostra, respice in nos oculis misericordiæ tuæ, O clementissima regina, respice in nos in hac lachrymarum valle gementes et flentes, respice in nos qui suspiramus ad te clamantes, clamamus ad te suspirantes.

O Maria, tu via, tu stella, tu lumen, tu stella, tu via, tu mater Dei, O Maria.

O Mary, sweet and good, you who are merciful, sweet, good, the mother of God, O Mary.

You true health of the sick, you true refuge of sinners, O Mary, you who truly consoles the afflicted, O Mary, you true hope of all the faithful, O Mary.

O Mary, you spouse, you virgin, you mother, you temple of the Holy Spirit, O Mary, O our advocate; look to us with your eyes of mercy, O most kindly queen, look to us in this vale of tears, us who are weeping and mourning, look to us who sigh crying to you, who cry sighing to you.

O Mary, you path, you star, you light, you star, you path, you mother of God, O Mary.
Track Name: Colligite, pueri, flores
Text and English Translation

Colligite pueri, flores; floribus sternite terram. Inducite, pueri, cantus; iuvenes, psallite citharis, pulsate, virgines, cimbala digitis. O quam læta dies,
O quam festiva et plena gaudiis, in qua recolitur panis ille suavissimus, de cælo præstitus solis esurientibus bonis.

Epulemur in hac mensa novi regis, impinquamur in hoc pane novæ legis, et inebriamur a torrente voluptatis, O carissimi.

Ibi sit nostra dilectio, ibi nostra refectio, ibi mansio nostra, ubi multitudo dulcedinis cum tanta deliciarum affluentia.

Iocundemur, delectemur, celebremus, et parili concentu hilari cantemus: “O quam læta dies, O quam festiva, O quantis plena gaudiis.”

Salve panis angelorum,
Factus cibus viatorum,
Panis vere, panis care,
Ave mundi salutare.

O quam dulce te laudare,
Laudes tuas decantare,
Panis vere, panis care,
Vere mundi salutare.
Ave, salve.

Servants of the Lord, collect flowers, strew the ground with flowers. Strike up your song, you servants; young people, sing psalms to the citharas; virgins, strike the lyres with your fingers. O what a happy day, O how festive and full of joy, on which that sweetest bread lent from heaven is gathered for only the virtuous hungry.

Let us be sated at this table of the new king, let us be driven to this bread of the new law, and let us get drunk from this torrent of joy, O dearest ones.

Let there be our pleasure, there our refreshment, there our resting place, where there is a multitude of delight with such abundance of delicious things.

Let us rejoice, enjoy, celebrate, and in shared harmony joyfully sing together: “O what a happy and festive day, full of so many joys.”

Hail, bread of the angels,
Made the food for travelers,
True bread, dear bread,
Hail, Salvation of the world.

O how sweet it is to praise You,
To sing Your praise,
True bread, dear bread,
True salvation of the world.
Hail, hail.
Track Name: Regina caeli
Text and English Translation

Regina cæli, lætare, alleluia, quia quem merusisti portare, alleluia, resurrexit sicut dixit. Ora pro nobis, O regina cæli, Deum, alleluia.

Queen of heaven, rejoice, alleluia, for He Whom you were worthy to bear, alleluia, has risen as He said. Pray to God for us, O queen of heaven, alleluia.
Track Name: Salve, O Regina
Salve, O regina, mater misericordiæ: vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. Ad te clamamus, exules, filii Hevæ. Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lachrymarum valle. Eia ergo, advocata nostra, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exilium ostende. O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria.

Hail, O queen, mother of mercy; our life, sweetness, and hope, hail. To you we cry, the exiled children of Eve. To you we sigh, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. So, our advocate, turn your merciful eyes to us. And show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb, after this our exile, O merciful, O good, O sweet Virgin Mary.
Track Name: O mi Domine. Dialogo
O mi domine, O mi Angele, O mi fidissime custos, ecce ego, Anima, Dei imagine insignita, decorata similitudine, lumine ipsius signata, ut essem bona et iusta, munda et sancta, ac immaculata; nunc deformata peccato, instabilis in bono, undique vaga, semper profuga, similis folio quod a vento movetur et circumfertur.

Differo de die in diem converti ad Dominum meum; quamdiu ergo ponam in me consilia, et obdormiam in morte? Rueso, mi domine, spiritus superne, da consilium, da robur, fer auxilium.

O Anima, ad altissimo Deo mihi credita, intellige dignitatem tuam, attende tuam excellentiam, divinam in te agnosce imaginem, repara pulchritudinem tuam. Age viriliter, indue arma fortitudinis, abiice opera mortis; surge, solve vincula peccati, et misericordia miserentis Dei obviabit tibi.

Equidem, amabillisime Angele, sed circumdederunt me iniquitates, comprehenderunt me mala, et facta sum mihimetipsi gravis, ne audeam levare oculos ad cælum.

Audi, carissima, licet sis onerata vitiis, captiva peccatis, at tamen erige te in spem veniæ. Clama ad Dominum, plora, confitere, ingemisce, suspiria emitte, lachrymas effunde.

Heu me paccatrix, O lachrymæ, ubi estis? Fluite super faciem mean, currite præcipites, me astigate maxillas, date mihi planctum amarum. Peccavi, Domine sancte, culpas confiteor, Domine fortis. Parce malis, ignosce criminibus, magne et immortalis.

Felix Anima, beata Anima, illa quæ flectit Deum ad miserationem; nunquam deest misricordia, ubi adest pœnitentia.

Iam audio, splendissime Angele, vocem Dei mei pulsantis et dicentis: “Aperi, amica, mihi; deliciæ meæ esse cum filiis hominum.” Iam sentio ad amorem provocari et trahi. O magna caritas, mira benignitatis, O incomprehensa bonitas, fac ut amore tuo langueam et toto corde ardeam, teque semper diligam; in te sit mea delectatio, meique amoris consumatio.

Postquam, O dilecta, induisti devotam confessionem, induit te Dominus decorum maximum. Post lachrymas, post suspiria, ad laudes ergo lætentur ora tacentia. Mecum benedic Domino et verba cantus et exultationis misceamus:

Non est sanctus, non est magnus, et qui faciat admiranda nimis ut est laudabilis Deus noster. Ipsum laudare semper gratum, in ipso sperare semper bonum, in ipso iocundari semper dulcissimum, semper frui suavissimum. Ipse est vita cordis, mentis suavitas, refectio animæ; ipse amor semper amans, semper amabilis, cuncta felicitans. Qui non amat accedat, festinet, et currat, amorem eius poscat, quærat, et inardescat.

Sit laus Patri immensæ gloriæ, sit gloria Filio immensi numinis, Numini Spiranti sit immensus honor, unitrinoque Domino sit laus sine modo, sit gloria sine termino, sit honor in omni sæculo.

O my Lord, O my Angel, O most faithful guardian; behold me, the Soul, singled out in the image of God, adorned with His likeness, marked with His light, that I might be good and just, healthy, holy, and immaculate; now I am deformed by sin, inconstant in goodness, always and everywhere fickle and fleeing, like a leaf tossed and turned by the wind.

From day to day I delay being turned back to my Lord. How long will I bear pain, and then sleep the sleep of death? I beg, my lord, heavenly spirit, give your counsel, grant strength, bring help.

O soul, entrusted to me by the most high God, perceive your own dignity, hearken to your excellence, know the divine image in yourself, recover your beauty. Act courageously, take on the arms of fortitude, abandon the works of death, arise, cast off the chains of sin, and the mercy of the pitiful God will receive you.

Yes, sweetest Angel, but my iniquities have surrounded me, evil has overcome me, and I have become a burden unto myself; nor do I dare raise my eyes to heaven.

Listen, dearest one, you may be burdened by vices, captive by sins, but arouse yourself in the hope of grace. Call to the Lord, weep continuously, groan, mourn, release your sighs, let flow your tears.

Woe to me, the sinner; O tears, where are you? Flow down my face; fall quickly, stain my cheeks, give me a bitter lament. I have sinned, holy Lord, and I confess my great faults, mighty Lord; spare my evil, forgive my crimes, you great and immortal One.

Happy is that soul, blessed is that soul which implores God for pity; never is mercy lacking where penance is present.

Most radiant Angel, now I hear my Lord’s voice knocking and saying to me: “Open to me, my beloved, for my delights are with the children of men.” Now I feel myself moved and given over to love. O great charity, wonderful kindness, O unmeasured goodness, make me melt for your love and burn with my whole heart, that I may always seek you, that my joy and the fulfillment of my love be always in you.

O beloved, when you clothed yourself in devout confession, the Lord adorned you with the greatest beauty. After tears, after sighs, let silent lips be loosened in praise. Bless the Lord with me, and let us join our words of song and exultation:

There is none as holy and great, and who works marvels, like our praiseworthy God. To praise Him is always pleasing; to hope in Him is always good, to rejoice in and enjoy Him always most sweet. He is the life of the heart, the sweetness of the mind, the refreshment of the soul; He is Love always loving, always lovable, gladdening all. Whoever does not love, let them approach, hurry, and hasten; let them cherish, seek, and inflame His love.

Praise be to the Father of boundless glory; glory be to the Son of boundless divinity; the divine Spirit be boundless honor, to the one and triune Lord let there be praise without measure, let there be glory without end, let there be honor in al eternity.
Track Name: Obstupescite gentes
Text and English Translation

Obstupescite, gentes, auribus percipite, omnes populi. Quis loquetur potentias Domini, auditas faciet omnes laudes eius? Quis pastor oves proprio pascit cruore? O prætiosum et admirandum convivium salutiferum et omni suavitate repletum. Quid hoc convivio prætiosius, in quo Christus Dei filius sumiter? Quid hoc sacramento mirabilius, in quo deliciæ Paradisi nobis parantur? Quid hoc cibo suavius, per quod dulcedo spiritualis in suo fonte gustatur?

Lauda ergo Sion salvatorem,
Lauda ducem et pastorem
In himnis ac canticis,
Quia maior omni laude,
Nec laudare sufficis.

Be amazed, you nations; listen with your ears, all you peoples. Who can tell the Lord’s powers, who can make all of His praises heard? Which shepherd feeds his sheep with his own blood? O precious and wondrous, life-giving banquet filled with all sweetness. What is more precious than this banquet in which Christ, the Son of God, is contained? What is more wondrous than this sacrament, in which the delights of Paradise are given to us? What is sweeter than this food, in which spiritual sweetness is enjoyed in its source?

So Zion, praise your Savior,
Praise your Lord and shepherd
With hymns and canticles,
For He is greater than all praise,
Nor can you praise Him enough.
Track Name: O quam suavis est, Domine
Text and English Translation

O quam suavis est, Domine, spiritus tuus, qui ut dulcedinem tuam in filios demonstrares, pane suavissimo de cælo præstito, esurientes reples bonis, fastitiosos divites dimittens inanes.

Venite, omnes populi esurientes et sitientes, venite, gustate, bibite, comedite, et inebriamini, carissimi.

Venite, qui laboratis et onerati estis, et ille reficiet vos, et confortabit vos.

Quare appenditis argentum non in panibus, et laborem vestrum non in saturitate?

Venite, reficite vos et ambulabitis in fortitudine cibi istius, et non deficietis in via.

O panis angelorum,
O esca viatorum,
O fons deliciarum,
Ad te confugio.
Tu me pasce,
Tu me recrea,
Tu me conforta,
Tu me pasce, me tuere,
Tu me bona fac videre
In terra viventium.

O esca, O sapor, O vita, O esca, O sapor, O suavitas infinita. O esca gentium, O sapor mentium, O vita amantium, quam dulcis es et quam amabilis. Venite et admiramini, et cantate:

Panis angelicus fit cibus hominum,
Dat panis cælicus figuris terminum.
O res mirabilis! manducat Dominum
Pauper servus et humilis.

O res mirabilis, O res mirabilis! Gaudete et cantate et collaudate eum in æternum.

O Lord, how sweet is Your spirit, who, so as to show Your goodness to Your children in this sweetest bread lent from heaven, fills the empty with good things, sending the haughty away empty.

Come all you hungry and thirsty people, come, taste, drink, eat, and let us become drunk, O dearest ones.

Come, you who labor and are burdened, and He will refresh and comfort you.

Why do you spend your riches for that which is not bread, and you labor for that which does not satisfy?

Come, refresh yourselves and you will walk in the strength of this food, and you will not lack on your journey.

O bread of the angels,
O food of travelers,
O source of delights,
To you I flee.
You feed me,
You restore me,
You comfort me,
You feed me and support me;
You make me see good things
In the land of the living.

O food, O taste, O life, O food, O taste, O infinite sweetness. O food of the peoples, O delicacy of minds, O life of lovers, how sweet and lovable you are. Come and adore, and sing:

The angelic bread becomes the food of humans,
This heavenly bread puts an end to figures.
O wonderful thing! A lowly and humble
Pauper eats the Lord.

O wonderful, lovable thing! Rejoice and sing and praise Him in eternity.
Track Name: Ave Regina Caelorum
Text and English Translation

Ave Regina cælorum, ave domina angelorum; salve radix, salve porta, ex qua mundo lux est orta. Gaude virgo gloriosa, super omnes speciosa. Vale, O valde decora, et pro nobis Christum exora.

Hail, Queen of heavens, hail, lord of angels; hail, you root, you door through which light arose for the world. Rejoice, glorious virgin, lovely above all others. Farewell, O most beautiful, and implore Christ for us.
Track Name: Regna terrae, cantate Deo
Regna terræ, cantate Deo, psallite Domino.

Psallite Deo, qui ascendit super cælum cæli
ad orientem.

Regna terræ, cantate Deo, psallite Domino.

Cantate Deo, ecce dabit vocem suam virtutis.

Date gloriam Deo, super Israel magnificentia eius
et virtus eius in nubibus.

Cantate Deo, psallite Domino.

Mirabilis Deus in sanctis suis, Deus Israel. Ipse
dabit virtutem et fortitudinem plebis suæ;
benedictus Deus.

Regna terræ, cantate Deo, psallite Domino.

You kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, sing psalms
to the Lord.

Sing psalms to God, who has ascended over the
heavens in the east.

You kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, sing psalms
to the Lord.

Sing to God, for He will give you His voice,
the voice of strength.

Give glory to God, for his splendor is over Israel
and his strength in the clouds.

Sing to God, sing psalms to the Lord.

The Lord is wonderful in His holy places, the God of
Israel. He shall give power and fortitude to His
people; blessed be the Lord.

You kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, sing psalms
to the Lord.